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 The Moon

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PostSubject: The Moon   Mon Aug 27, 2007 1:55 pm

This is an article I came acorss about the Moon that I just quite liked and wanted to share.

The Moon's placement at birth sets the character for the person's personality, and instinct. It determines the kind of imagination, dreamscapes, and moods the person has. The Moon has no light of its own; and like the Moon, the personality reflects the light of the Sun, the person's true Spirit.

The Moon shows our hidden, unexpressed, or unexpressable desires, emotions, and esoteric self-image. The Moon shows our Inner Nature. When you are misunderstood, it is your Moon nature, expressed imperfectly through the Sun sign, that feels betrayed. Things you know without thought, instincts, hunches, intuitions, are products of the Moon. Modes of expression that you feel truly reflect your deepest self belong to the Moon: art, writing, creative work of any kind; for fun OR business. The feeling-tones of your deepest emotions are filtered by the sign your Moon occupies at birth.

Most people can map their moods and day to day cycles by the moon, some more than others. People with strong Moon influences are changeable, have vitality that waxes and wanes, are susceptible to external influences, and are comfort loving.

While the Sun indicates ego and drive, the Moon shows the kind of personality. Sign placement describes the basic stamp; proximity to compatible planets enhances their influence.

The "New Moon" is the same as a "Sun-Moon conjunction." These people are "the same inside as out" - they can be "easy to read." Sun/Moon types can achieve a great unity of personality/soul, and be "self-contained." They can also have a lack of perspective about their own identities - no sense of how they appear to others.

The "Full Moon" is a Sun/Moon opposition. When balanced, this gives a person great perspective and brilliance; it can be schizophrenic if not well aspected by other features in the chart.

The "Waxing Moon" is growing fuller; moving from New to Full. The "Waning Moon" is moving Full to New, that is, getting darker. Waxing moons are full of vitality and are traditionally good times for starting projects; waning moons are the opposite.

The "Balsamic Moon" is the last ten degrees before the moon enters its three day dark period. These moons provide psychic insight and precognitive powers.

The moon shows the childlike part of a person. In some it is deeply buried during adulthood, but it comes out again in old age. Moon/Saturn or Moon/Pluto relationships show Father/Child issues, and are often difficult. Moon/Venus and Moon/Jupiter lend charm and artistic/business ability when well aspected; gullibility, excess, and wastefulness when not.

Moon/Mars difficult aspects can cause impulsiveness, subconscious sexual problems, being opinionated, sadistic, arrogant, selfish, stubborn, angry, antagonistic, or misogynistic.

Moon/Mars good aspects allow the subconscious and conscious will to harmonize, makes one courageous, energetic, with strong vitality and good recuperative powers. Animal nature has been harnessed; family protector.

The Moon governs the tides in the ocean, and the moods of the masses. Mental hospitals and emergency rooms are usually extra busy during full or angular moons.

The Moon is Exalted in Taurus, and Rules Cancer. The Moon's detriment is Capricorn, and its fall is Scorpio.


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The Moon
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