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 Magick Dream Number

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PostSubject: Magick Dream Number   Fri Aug 31, 2007 10:41 am

In the same way that many of us have a Magick or Craft Name, our Dream number is our speical magick number. A number that we can draw power from, and may often see appearing in our lives in one way or another, as a number that is likely to be inherently lucky for us.

The way to discover your magick number is first to add up the numbers of your full birthdate, Month, day, year for example, I use todays date. Say you were born on June 7, 2007, that would be

6+7+2+0+0+7=22= 2+2=5

Then add up the corresponding numbers in your birth name, for example if you were Jane Doe it would be


Then add up the numbers in your Craft name, for example using my own

Silver Wind


Now add the numbers from your birthday, birth name, and Craft name together, and continue to add untill you have a single digit, or if you come up with a master number 11, 22, 33

So for the above example it would be

5+9+9=23=2+3=5 and so 5 is your dream number

A reminder of Number, Letter corespondence

1: A, J, S

2: B, K, T

3: C, L, U

4: D, M, V

5: E, N, W

6: F, O, X

7: G, P, Y

8: H, Q, Z

9: I, R

Here is a list of basic qualities that your Dream number is associated with

1: Oneness, individuality, beginings, independent, initiation, and creativity

2:Partnership, balance of porlarities, marriage of two elements into one, working with others, weaving elements together

3: The threefold nature of Divinity, Divine power, the otherworl, comminication, expansion, expression and optimism.

4: A number of foundations, sacred directions, construction, productivity, strength, structure, orginization, and unity.

5: Magickal number of the pentacle, associated with currisouty and travel, exitement and change, power, adventure, and resourcefullness.

6: Home and family, love, compassion, beauty, the arts, and children.

7: The sevent chakras, birth and rebirth, good luck, contemplation, and spiritual faith.

8: Material propserity, affinity, abundance, reward, success, and leadership.

9: Universal compassion, tolerance, completion, knowlegde, and humanitariansim.

Master numbers

11: Intution, telepathy, spiritula healing, and pyschic ablity.

22: Limited potential, mastery in all areas and endeavors, physical, mental and spiritual.

33: Oneness where all things are possible.

Once you have obtained your Dream number close your eyes and focus upon your number and all its qualities for at least 5 minitues then silently repeat the number over and over untill you fall asleep. Do this for at least a weak, and you may go longer if you wish. This will help reaffirm the power of the number, each morning you may wish to record any dreams you have while doing this.


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Magick Dream Number
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