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 Tarot Wheel Divination

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PostSubject: Tarot Wheel Divination   Sun Sep 02, 2007 10:08 am

You will only need the major arcane portion of your deck for this reading. As you shuffle and cut the major arcana cards ask the question you have in mind. Then, pick up the cards while keeping them face down. Working in a clockwise direction, lay each card facedown forming a large circle with enough spach in the center to hold three cards. Then in a clockwise motion circle your power hand over the cards and say three times:
"Round and round the tarot wheel, let the truth be revealed"

At the end of each statement stop your hand above a card at random and place that card facedown in the center of the cirlce. Select two more cards, placing them from right to left then turn each card faceup from right to left.

The far right card is your past, the middle card is your present situation, and the left card will reveal your possible future outcome.


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Tarot Wheel Divination
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