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PostSubject: Signifiers   Signifiers Icon_minitimeMon Sep 03, 2007 1:11 pm

The material world is full of divine signs, representations of the lwa which connect divine energies to mortal perceptions. Some examples are:

• Crosses (kwa) the most sublime Christian signifier is also the sign of the Crossroads, life's transfer point presided over by Legba, Gede and the Bawon Samdi.

• Mirrors (mirwa) reflect the other side of reality, where the lwa reign, and suggest the watery world of Lasiren and Agwe where souls migrate after death.

• Standard (Wa Wangol) hails the "King of Angola" on the Feast of the Kings (January 6); and is also said to pay homage to the spirits of the Taino Indians who were the first rulers of Haiti.

• Bags (makout) are slung over the shoulders of Haitian farmers, and so are sacred to the lwa Zaka, the good natured patron of all country people.

Signifiers Stonehenge

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