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 Self-Forgiveness Dream Spell

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PostSubject: Self-Forgiveness Dream Spell   Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:45 am

We all make mistakes some major some minor, and in many cases we carry these with us, even long after those whom the mistake has affects have forgiven us. It is not good to carry unessciary guilt for an extended peirod of time. Sometimes, the hardest person to forgive is ourselves, and we need to learn to do that. This spell will help you forgive yourself for a mistak that is still haunting you.

Items needed
1 black votive candle
sage smudge
13inch of black string, cord, or yarn

Smudge the area of your room, and around your bed with the sage. Draw your sacred circle through visulization and call in any favored Gods and or Goddesses. Light the candle. Now think about the mistake that you really want to forgive yourself for. Take the black string from the altar if you are using one, or fromwhever you have kept it. In the middle of the string make a slip knot. Hold and end in each hand, but do not pull the knot out yet.

Focus all your awareness on detaching yourself from the mistake and releasing it, and all the feelings surrounding the mistake. Transfer all this energy or the mistake into the knot and then suddenly yank the knot out. Knowing that as you pull out the knot, the mistake is released and forgiven. Know this with all your being and really let go once and for all.

Use the scissors to cut the black string into small pieces. Do this over your altar bowl/chalice, or you may use any bowl if you do not have such. Then carefully burn the piesces a couple at a time in the flame of the candle.

Smudge the area brielfy once more to clense the area and get rid of any energy risidue. Pull the circle and give thanks to the Gods you have called in, before going to sleep. Allow the candle to burn down on its own, and in the morning throw it in the garbage.


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Self-Forgiveness Dream Spell
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