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 True Love Revealed

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PostSubject: True Love Revealed   Fri Sep 07, 2007 10:02 am

The idea of using magick to try and find love, see the face of your future lover, find or attracke your soul mate and so forth are as old as time. This is a method I have used, and something more or less of my own creatuon, though it is quite simple and brunt it is nothing I read of in a book just followed my intution and I can say that it worked and it worked swiftly and well. If you feel you are ready to settle down and have been having trouble finding the right someone this is something you may do to help the process.

I would recomend doing this if possible on a Full Moon, at the very least on a Waxing moon (when it is growing) avoid doing on a New Moon or a Wanning Moon.

Do this just before going to sleep once you are laying in bed, it is really great if you are able to see the moon out of your bedroom window but not required, but at the very least you should be looking to the nightsky out your window.

Address the Goddess of Love of your choice, I prefer Ishtar becasue I feel closest to her and always felt a relationship with her, but you may use the name and persona of your desired choice, Venus, Aphrodite, Inanna, and so forth.

While looking to the moon if you can, or if not looking into the night, address the Goddess in a manner of your choice, if there is a blessing you like to use, or if you just wish to offer her praise and call her name and tell her what you admire about her, then once you have invoked her how you wish, ask her to show you or send you some sign of the one whom is to be your soul mate and companion for life. Tell her you are ready and seeking and call upon her to guide you and help you. Then give her your thanks.

When I did this the very same night I had a dream with a vision of the one whom I knew I was to spend my life with, and shortly there after, in a manner of days we met.

The imporant thing to remeber about this though, is this does not mean that your true love is going to just fall in your lap, you still have to put yourself out there in some way to get thier attention once they have been revealed to you.


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True Love Revealed
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