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 A Hermetic Blessing

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PostSubject: A Hermetic Blessing   Fri Sep 07, 2007 10:31 am

The following brief Rite of Blessing is designed to be worked by a Priestess and Priest, though it may also obviously be employed by an individual. It was first used by a Hermetic Priest and Priestess at the Ordination of a Christian Priest who asked clergy from a range of Traditions to add their Blessings to her Ordination.

PRIEST. Awaken! And open thyself to the Wisdom of the Heavens!
PRIESTESS. Awaken! And open thyself to the Wisdom of the Earth!
PRIEST & PRIESTESS. Let us join together in balance between the living Heavens and the living Earth to invoke the Hermetic Blessing.
PRIESTESS. Come unto me, O Thou Who dost breathe Spirit into us to give us life.
PRIEST. Thy Name and Thy Spirit rest upon the good.
PRIESTESS. Mayest Thou dwell in my heart and my mind all the days of my life---
PRIEST. And bring unto fulfillment the highest aspirations of my Soul.
PRIESTESS. Grant Thy Grace unto all my deeds---
PRIESTESS & PRIEST. For Thou art I and I am Thou; Thy Name is my Name, and My Name is Thine; for that I am Thy Likeness.
PRIEST. Above---
PRIESTESS. ---Below.
PRIEST. Abraiao---
PRIESTESS. ---Ardimalekha.
PRIEST. Hermęs Trismegistos---
PRIESTESS. ---Isis Mystikę.
PRIEST. All the Gods are One God---
PRIESTESS. ---All the Goddesses are One Goddess.
PRIEST & PRIESTESS. ---And there is One Initiator.
PRIESTESS and PRIEST together trace in Holy Light the Wheel of Spirit.
PRIESTESS. That Which is Above is as That Which is Below.
PRIEST. The Light Divine is established.


There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
Where romanticism and love are a strength
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A Hermetic Blessing
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