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 Letting Go of Grief Dream Spell

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PostSubject: Letting Go of Grief Dream Spell   Mon Sep 10, 2007 9:53 am

This spell is best prefromed on a wanning moon on a Saturday night

Items needed:

Sage smudge (Sage smudge can be purchased in most stores that sell incense and other simillar items, it is basicaly just sticks of driged sage bound together in a bunddle by ribbon, or string)

3 Black candles

dragons blood oil

silver bell

18 inches of black ribbon or string

censor of cauldron


To begin smudge yourself and all the itmes being used. (To smudge yourself light the sage the way you would incense, and then wave it, in almost a dusting like motion along your body (about an inch away from acutally touching you) and then over your items.

Draw a tripple circle (through visulization) around your room or sleeping area, the first circle should be of white light, the secound blue light, and then white again. Call in your dream gaurdians

Rub a fine film of dragon's blood oil over the candles as you do this imagine yourself letting go of your grief then light the candles one at a time.

Ring the silver bell three times and say

I call upon the powers of the Goddess this night

Ring the bell three more times and say
I call upon the powers of the God this night

Ring the bell three more times and say

I call upon the anceint powers that be

Place the bell back upon your altar or if you are not using an altar, and do not have a dream altar, simply set it aside.

Now pick up the ribbon holding one end in each hand. Imagine that the right represents you, while the left represents your grief. Name the ends as such, by holding up the right end and saying your name three times and then holding up the left and naming your gried three times. Set the ribbon back upon the altar, (or a near by table, wherever you are keeping your tools for this)

Take a few minitues to center yourself completely aligning yourself with the energies of peace, love, and harmony.

Pick up the bell and ring it three times and say

Below and above, Earth and Sea
I awakend these energies in me
with this tonight I release my grief and painful feelings about (name grief)
by the will of the ancient ones
by the will of the one, as I will, it is done!

Now rub the dragon's blood oil all over the ribbon, from end to end, and then cut the ribbon in half. Light the ribbon in the candle flame and then burn both halves in your cauldron or censor

As the ribbon burns, chant these words

Sacred flame take my pain
sacred fire consume my grief

Once the smoke has cleared take a few deep breaths. See and sense yourself breathing in a white light, and breathing out your grief in a blue balloon. The balloon can be filled more and more without popping. Keep filling the ballon with painful feelings, and imagine it continuing to expand. Do this as long as it takes for you to exhale all your grief into the balloon and release the baloon into the sky and watch disspear into the night.

Next pick up the bell once more and ring it three times, snuff out the candles, and thank the divine powers. Pull up the tripple circle in the same order that you cast it and release your dream guardians. Then smudge yourself for a few minitues, and smudge your tools again and your altar (if you used one), and your bedroom.

Complete the ritual by taking a warm salt water bath using 1/2 cup of salt sea salt, as you soak imagine the risidule feeling of grief being absorbed in the water.

Within three days your grief should be signifcantly released and your load should be lightend


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Letting Go of Grief Dream Spell
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