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 An Invocation of Hermês-Thôth

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PostSubject: An Invocation of Hermês-Thôth   Mon Sep 10, 2007 2:16 pm

Let all Darkness be dispelled for us, and let the Great God Hermês-Thôth shine for us, and let Him harken to these sacred Words:
Come Thou to this Temple, Lord Hermês, as children come into the wombs of women, and fill us with Thy Light.

Come Thou to this Temple, Lord Thôth, Whose power doth nourish both Gods and Humans, and nourish us with Thy Light.

Come Thou to this Temple, Lord Hermês-Thôth, and guide us in the ancient and eternal Path of Light.

I call upon Thee, Lord Hermês, Thrice-Great Leader of the Gods and Chief of all Magicians, to establish with Thy Power the Seven Sacred Points within this Hermetic Temple of the Magic of Light, dedicated to Thee in Thy Name of Hermês-Thôth.

First, I honour and invoke Thee in the Four Quarters by the Forms and Celestial Names by which Thou didst lay the Four Foundations and mix the Four Winds:

In the East, Thy Form is that of an Ibis, and I call upon Thee in Thy Celestial Name of LAMPHTHEN OUÔTHI;

In the South, Thy Form is that of a Wolf, and I call upon Thee in Thy Celestial Name of ENTHOMOUCH OUÔTHI.

In the West, Thy Form is that of a Dog-faced Baboon, and I call upon Thee in Thy Celestial Name of OUASTHEN OUÔTHI;

In the North, Thy Form is that of a Serpent, and I call upon Thee in Thy Celestial Name of OAMENÔTH OUÔTHI.

I also call upon Thee, Lord, to complete the Sacred Heptad by establishing the Three Points of the Middle Pillar in the midst of the Four Quarters.

Above this hallowed Temple I call upon Thee in Thy true Name, which is engraved on the sacred stele in Thy Shrine at Hermopolis: OSERGARIACH NOMAPHI.

Below this Temple I call upon Thee in Thy Great Name which is inscribed on the prow of the Sacred Ship: ACHCHEMEN ESTROPH.

Finally, at the true Heart and Centre of this Sacred Place, I call upon Thee to establish the Seventh Point, the Mystic Centre, in Thy Name of Seven Letters, which hath the value of 365, corresponding to the cycle of the Year. And, verily, this Mystic Name is ABRASAX.

I know Thee, Hermês, and Thou knowest me. Thy Name is mine, and my name is Thine. I am Thee, and Thou art I. Therefore, do that which I ask, and turn Thou to this Temple now and always with Thy two Ministers Agathotychê and Agathodaimôn, Good Fortune and the Good Spirit.

As I have rehearsed Thy Names and Mysteries, arise! move! and establish Thy Power within this Place, for we who call Thee are true Magicians of the Hermetic Path and like Thee, servants and channels of that Light which is beyond all lights.


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An Invocation of Hermês-Thôth
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