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 Arthritis or Painful Joints

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PostSubject: Arthritis or Painful Joints   Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:42 am


Curled leaf parsley: There are over 30 varrieties of parsley, but this it thought the most useful by herbalists. Caution: Aviod high doses if pregnant.

Wild marjoram: With dense, pink flowers, marjarom thrives on being cut back, producing fresh green growth untill winter.

Meadowsweet: The foliage and flowers of this herb have the scent of hayfields. Caution: Aviod if allergic to aspirin.

Wild carrot: This plant has a powerful diuretic action. Although sinewy, white aromatic roots smell like familiar orange vegetable, they taste bitter.

Golden feverfew: As it puts on growth, the golden vairty of feverfew makes a bright splash of color early in the year. Caution can cause mouth ulsers. Aviod if taking anticoagulants.


aerial parts of feverfew, parsley, meadowsweet, majoram, and wild carrot as needed.


Feverfew for improved circulation

To mask the bitter taste of feverfew, put a leaf between two pieces of bread and butter. Eat daily to adi the circulation.

Diuretic Tea

Make a tea with a sprig of parsley and a sprig of wild carrot to a cup of boilding water. Drink a cupful three times a day to help get rid of toxins.

Anti-inflammatory tea for pain

Make a standard tea with aerail parts of meadowsweet. Use almost boiling water. Drink three times or four times a day.

Cold infussed oil of marjoram

Make an infussed oil, using the aerial parts of marjoram steeped in wheatgerm oil. Rub into painful joints to encoruage blood supply to the area.


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Arthritis or Painful Joints
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