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 A Hermetic Benediction

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PostSubject: A Hermetic Benediction   Wed Sep 12, 2007 9:57 am

We give thanks with every heart and soul and mind stretched forth to Thee, Thou of the ineffable Name, honoured with the title of God and blessed with the title of Father, for to all beings Thou hast shown parental goodwill, affection, friendship, and sweetest Power, granting us intellect, speech, and knowledge; intellect so that we might understand Thee, speech that we might call upon Thee, and knowledge that we might know Thee.

We rejoice because Thou hast revealed Thyself unto us. We rejoice because while we are yet incarnate, Thou hast touched us with divinity by granting us the Knowledge of Whom Thou art. The prayer of humankind to Thee is one: to come to Gnosis, O Womb of All Knowledge. We have come to Know, O Womb Pregnant by the Supernals. We have come to Know, O Eternal Continuation of the Pregnant Father.

(Saluting Sign.) Saluting thus Thy Goodness and Thy Truth, we ask of Thee two further things only:

First, a blessing: that we be maintained in Knowledge of Thee;

Second, a protection: that we not fall away from a life such as this.

So mote it be. (Sign of Silence.) Amen.


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A Hermetic Benediction
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