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PostSubject: Runes   Sat Jul 21, 2007 12:55 am

Many people are famillar with runes and runic symbols but most people are not aware of the fact that there are acutally three different types of runes, and while the most common form of rune, that is the symbolic runes, uusally etched in stone, are often wrongly associated with Druids of Celtic beleif, but this is false, for in truth the Celts had no written langauge they were an oral culture, rather these runes come to us from the Norse, the vickings.

The most common runes, the norse runes, consist of specicic symbols which are typicaly carved upon some natural nurface, such as I mentioend before stone, they can also be carved into clay, or upon bark and so forth, though today, they do make them out of many synthatic matterails as well. These runes are read in smillair ways to Tarot, they are laid out in a pattern and then the symbols upon each rune are interpeted and read as well as the way in whch each of the symbols relate to each other baised upon how they fall on the spread.

The Runes

Fehu Cattle, gold, speed, or wealth and pocession

Uruz Strength, speed, and good health

Thurisaz refers to giants of Norse mythology

Ansuz Norse diety usually Odin

Raido Long journey

Kenaz Tourch or source of light

Gebo Sacrifce to the Gods

Wunjo Comfort, joy, or glory

Haglaz Hail in battle, weather or hailing projectiles in war

Nauthiz Need or necessity

Isa Ice

Jera Year or harvest

Eihwaz Yew

Perth Translation unknown

Algiz Defense, protection, or self-preservation

Sowlio Represented the sun

Tiwaz War god Tyr

Berkano Birth tree, Idun goddess of spring and fertility

Ewaz Horse

Mannaz Man or Mankind

Laguz Associated with water

Ingwaz Danes or Dannish Hero

Dagaz Day or daylight

Othila Inheretence, pocession of property, knowlege anccestorial home, or native land


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