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 Working with Weather

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PostSubject: Working with Weather   Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:34 pm

With an understanding of the Elements, and the ablity to work with thier energies, there also comes from that, the ablity to work weather, particuarly using air and water. And magick envolving weather dates back to be near as old as man himself, in which the very earlist of people had rituals intended to appeal to the gods or the spirits to bring rain in times of need. Most of us are famillar with the concept of the rain dance.

And well I am sure must of us all know the common childs rhyme

Rain rain
go away
come again
another day.

Which can be viewed in itself to be a very basic incantination, because it is said as a chant with a certain will and intent behind it

Though there are times in which working with the weather might be nessciary or apporprirate. Most particuarly in times of great drought, but there is one thing that it is important to remeber, that can be easily forgotten or not thought of.

Working with weather should not be done in haste, nor should it be done for petty reasons or reasons of pure personal comfort. For one thing it is imporant to remeber, when you work with weather, you are not simply just creating weather out of nowhere, but you are shifting the already exisiting weather, and simply drawing it to you.

That is to say, when you call for rain, for example, it does not just matterialize, but you are pulling rain from another location and calling it to come to you, so in affect by changing your own enviroment, you are also affecting someone elses.

When working with weather you really are affecting the enviroment of the whole of the world but causing a change which will cause everything to shift, which is why it is better in most cases to allow nature run its proper course, unless in a situtation of great need.

It also might be a good idea before working any weather magick to do your research, that is, if you can find somewhere that is having excessive rain, while you are in area in which rain has become scarce, you can split the difference by concentrating speically on drawing the clouds and rain from that area, to you.

Also weather magick should not be used to change the natural weather patterns of the seasons. That is to say, you should not try to make it rain in the summertime, when it is not natural for it to do so, unless a situation comes up in which it is imparitive to do so.


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Working with Weather
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