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 Tip to Help Spells Success

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PostSubject: Tip to Help Spells Success   Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:52 pm

This is a tip to help grant you greater success with your spellwork and to improve the potetency and efftiveness of your spells.

Though most all spells are consituted by varrious needed tools, and itmes to help focus the spell and direct what you want, symbols to represent the goal you are trying to achive, the greatest aspect of the spell is the energy you relase with the preformace of the spell, and what you personaly put into the spell, your own will and personal power.

When preforming a spell, after you have released your energy into the spell and are ready to start clean up, putting away your tools, pulling the circle, clensing the space perhaps, it is best to then not put any further thought into the matter which you casted the spell for.

If you presistently think about the problem or the goal after you have already cast your spell then that can weaken the potency of the energy and even negate it, particuarly if you begin to have doubts. For any negative energy that might come from worry will hurt the effect of the spell.

Once a spell has been cast, it is best then to put that matter out of your mind and just give the spell time to do its work and go about your regular bussiness.


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Tip to Help Spells Success
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