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PostSubject: Berdache   Berdache Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2007 12:14 pm

Berdache is the term that is most commonly accepted today and most commonly used, for discussing what is considered the "third-gender" of many Navtive American tirbes, though each tribe has its own words and terms for such people, they were a rather common occurance in Native American tribes.

Berdache, are typicaly men that take on the role of a woman, and so they are thought to have Two Spirits within them, they are nither man or woman, but they are both man and woman. The Berdache were typicaly well respected members of the Native American communinty and in some cases thought to hold spirit power.

There are also occurances of the reverse, of women whom took on the roles of men and wore the garments of men, they would become hunters, warriors and sometimes even cheifs, sometimes these women were also refered to as Berdache, but sometimes they were given thier own designated name, it varries from tribe to tribe.

Berdache Stonehenge

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