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 Six of Wands

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PostSubject: Six of Wands   Fri Sep 14, 2007 9:23 am

The Six of Wands indicates a peak of achivement: a moment of triumph when we can reap the rewards of our dedicated efforts. This card marks the end of one cycle and reminds us that a new phase is about to begin. Its inherent paradox os that is represents recgonition of what we have gained so far and an understanding that there is still much to do. In other words, it does not gaurantedd suceessin the long term, but emphzies the success that we have manged to achvieve to date.

The Six of Wands makes an excitng time when we can enjoy the acknolegement of others. Everything that we have done in the past to help us reach this poin is now acliamed. This in turn gives us a certain self-confidence, which may inspire others to achive similar heights.

The message of this card is enjoy the time of victory but to keep focused on the goals that have yete been reached.


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Six of Wands
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