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 Improve your body image

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PostSubject: Improve your body image   Improve your body image Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2007 2:43 pm

If you have put on a little weight, and though you are happy with yourself and your appeearnce, the sight of old clothes that do not fit anymore give you doubts or depression as a reminder that you have gained some, here is a clensing ritual you can do to help improve how you feel about yourself which will give you the confidaunce that will shine without.

Try on all your clothes and divide them into three piles. Thost that do not fit, those that fit and you don't like anymore, and those that fit that you like.

When your closet is empty smudge the space with jasmine insence, as you do this visualize lovely, well-fitting clothes hanging there, than hang up those clothes that fit that you like.

Of those that fit but you do not like, decide which if any you have to keep for budge, or job, or other reasons, and the rest along with the clothes that no longer fit gather up to donate to goodwill or take to the nearest thirft shop.

Now your closet is ready, clean and waiting to be filled with new clothes.

Improve your body image Stonehenge

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Improve your body image
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