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 For Money

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PostSubject: For Money   Wed Oct 03, 2007 1:32 pm

To bring prosperity:


Orange rind
Dried orange leaves
Brown sugar
An iron pot

Place the ingredients in the pot and burn them. Smother the fire and leave the smoldering mixture smoking heavily. Offer the incense to Oshun:
"oshun oguao mi inle oshun igua iya mio igua iko bo si iya mi guasi iya mi omo y alorde oguo mi inle ashe oshun".
Or, respectfully pray to Oshun in your own language for the money and economic prosperity that you need.

To attract money:


A multi-colored bowl A multi-colored cloak
Nine old pennies Alum Oil Red ocher
Dust from consecrated ground Rain water

Place the pennies in the bowl. Cover them with nine pieces of alum, nine spoonfuls of oil, nine pinches of red ocher and of the dust. Add enough rain water to cover the ingredients.
Cover the bowl with a multi- colored cloak and place before Oya. When the money comes, part must be used to buy a sacrifice to Oya.

To make a man give money to a woman:


A coin
Red ocher
White, blue, red, yellow, black, green and brown thread

Obtain a coin from the man. Wrap it in the different colors of thread until no part of the coin can be seen. Place the wrapped coin in a dish full of oil and seven pinches of red ocher. Let it soak for seven days.
Keep the coin in a safe place and never spend it.

To attract money:


A lodestone
Sweet basil
A silver coin
Holy water
Red and black thread
A red cloth
A black cloth

Place a lodestone in a deep dish. Cross a sprig of rue with a sprig of rosemary on top of the stone. Cross a line of anise with a sprig of sweet basil on top of the first cross.
Wind black thread around the coin. Wind crosswise with red thread. Lay the coin on top of the herbal crosses. Sprinkle three times with holy water. Say three Hail Marys. Cover the dish with the cloths and leave before your Elegua for three days.
Always carry the coin with you.

To get money from a rich friend:


A coconut shell
Red wine
Nine pennies

Write your friend's name on a piece of paper and place it in the coconut shell. Put the pennies on top. Add nine spoonfuls of red wine. Fill the shell the rest of the way with oil. Insert a wick
Burn the lamp in your yard for nine days. Then, go talk to your friend about money.

To make a debtor pay:


Three needles
Rose honey
A candle

Write the name of the debtor on a piece of paper. Pierce the paper with the needles. Place it in a glass containing equal parts of the two honeys. Place the glass before your Elegua.
Light the candle and place it next to the glass. Petition Elegua for your money. If you receive it, you must make a sacrifice to him.

To get an inheritance:

An egg shell
Rain water
Rose honey

Write the names of the interested parties and the name of the lawyer on a piece of paper. Place the paper in a deep dish. Soften the egg shell in the rain water and cover the paper with the paste.
Finely chop parsley and watercress and mix equal parts together. Cover the egg shell paste with the chopped herbs. Pour rose honey over the whole thing.
Place the dish on a high shelf in your house until the matter is resolved.

To attract money:


Cow's milk
Goat's milk
Coconut milk
Holy water

Mix the liquids in equal parts. Bathe yourself in the morning, before sunrise.


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For Money
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