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 Music Spell

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PostSubject: Music Spell   Mon Oct 08, 2007 10:31 am

The following spell works best with classical music, though you can use choose any music that deeply moves you.

On a quiet evening alone, dress in a magickal way (if you have an ceremonial or ritual robes, or any clothes that make you feel more connected to magick) and set up your stereo behind your altar. One the altar place pictures and symbols of the things you desire and need, then settle down into a comftrable posistion before the altar and fix your attention on the symbols of your desires.

Start the music and allow yourself to be swept along with it for some time, perhaps 45 mins or so, as you concentrate totally on your goal.

Afterward have a cup of coffee (tea will work if you are not a coffee drinker) or something to eat.


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Music Spell
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