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 Walnut charms for prosperity

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PostSubject: Walnut charms for prosperity   Fri Oct 12, 2007 1:12 pm

For a prosperity spell gather nine walnuts, nine dimes, nine whole cloves, nine crumbles cinnamon sticks, and some mustrad seeds and bay luarel leaves.

To start, carefully open the walnuts and clean out the shells. In each half shell, place one whole clove, some crumbled cinnamon stick, bay lural, eighteen mustard seeds, and one dime.

During a Full Moon, let the moonlight shine on the contents in thier shells and feel the energy entering the coins and herbs. After meditating on this, take super glue and seal the two halves of each walnut together taking care not to spill the contents. Paint the walnuts with gold metallic paint and leave themn on your altar.

Take a waulnut with you when you need a change of prosperity.


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Walnut charms for prosperity
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