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PostSubject: Cabala   Sat Jul 21, 2007 3:44 pm

The Secret Tradition, one of the esoteric paths closely associated with alchemy. There are three sources of cabala: The Talmud, Geonic mysticims of the exiled Jews in Babylonia; and Arabic Neoplatonism (Plato as he was interperted by his great disciples, particuarly the Arabians of Baghdad and Spain)

Cabala spelt in the Spannish way is an example of the cunning punning in which alchemy abounds. By the Middle Ages cabala involved the Brotherhood of Knights, the Cabalerie, Chilvary, the Knights Templar.

Horseman of the Cavale (secret wisdom) were also Horseman of the Cabale (the Knight's sword that tests the Stone as King Arthur's did)

Dictionary of Alchemy
Diana Fernando


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