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 The Mirror Image

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PostSubject: The Mirror Image   Mon Oct 15, 2007 12:26 pm

For this spell using image magick you will nedd a small mirrored surface that you havee mentally cleansed and programed to hold the image of your desire.

During a waxing moon burn three pink or red candles while you anoint the rim of your mirror with a love oil such as vanilla, lavender, or clvoe. Project the image you wish to capture in your mirror onto its surface. If you do this while also seeing the refelction of the moon all the better.

Cover the mirror unitl you are with the one you love, then contrive to capture your images in the glass at the same time. Cove it agian untill you are alone, and gave into the mirror some time before dawn "seeing" the captured image of your loved one. Cover it again and place it somewhere safe to bind your new love to you.


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The Mirror Image
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