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PostSubject: Munuane   Sun Oct 21, 2007 11:21 am

The Munuane is a South American Demon. He is toothless and gray-haired with eyes in his knees and always travles on a simple raft. He carried a bow with only one arrow for it is said that he never missess. Munuane is quite large but somewhat slow-witted, and equipped with charasmatic power in which to phyiscally lure his victims to him. By the Sikuani tribe he is considered to be the "Master of Fish" because he is a guardian demon over the fish and appeares whenever there are many fish about.

The Sikuani beleive that when fishing a person must only take what he truly needs. The Munuane lives to protect local residents (the fish) and as thier gurdiand, consideres all human beings edible and destructive.


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