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 Good Witch, Bad Witch

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PostSubject: Good Witch, Bad Witch   Wed Oct 24, 2007 12:11 pm

The Good Witch, Bad Witch, deck is quite an intresting even if somewhat unconvetional deck and one which I enjoy. It does not have a traditonal major and minor arcana like a typical tarot deck but it does consist of 52 cards which are dived up into 26 "Good Witches" and 26 "Bad Witches"

Likst most Tarot Decks it does come with a booklet that lists suggeusted reading spreads to be done with the deck, but in addition, each of the witches comes with its own little spell. And most of the spells on the Bad Witch side are curses, hexes, and banishings.

And all the witches are named after varrious elements of Paganinsim or Witchcarft. For example, there is a witch for each of the 4 elements and the 4 directions. There is New Moon Witch and a Full Moon Witch, and a Hedge Witch, and so on.

The other thing I really like about this deck, is it has a very simple yes/no spread, in which you line 3 cards face down, ask a simple yes or no question, and if 2 or more of the cards are a good witch then it is yes, if two or more are a bad witch then it is no


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Good Witch, Bad Witch
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