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PostSubject: Silver Ravenwolf   Thu Oct 25, 2007 4:51 pm

I strongly advise against the reading of works by Silver Ravenwolf, it is quite esay espcially for the beginner to get drawn into reading her work, but I do not think she is a good and legtimate source of information for any reader, but esciapply not fro someone whom is genuinely trying to learn. In fact by a large majority of the Pagan Community she is not supported. There are varrious different reasons for this, but some of the biggist complaints against her are as follows:

Bad/Poor history. Her 'facts" are not always so factuial, and often misreprestend or just flat out wrong.

Strong sentiments against other relgions. Though she states that we should all resepct the beleifs of others, in her books she sepaks very venimously against other religons, primairly Chrisitnaity, and has a hateful attitude.

Braod statements about what makes or does not make a 'true" witch. Without any regaurd to varrious different paths, she declares to know the makings of a true witch and what true witches do and do not do.


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