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 Regalia - Mirror, Sword, Jewels

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PostSubject: Regalia - Mirror, Sword, Jewels   Thu Nov 01, 2007 2:55 pm

Most Shinto shrines house a sacred mirror (the symbol of Amaterasu), sword, and jewel. Indeed, these three items represent the Imperial regalia, for the Emperor and imperial family claim the same bloodline as Amaterasu. The divine spirit is said to reside within these objects, and they are typically placed on the main Shinto altar -- they are not displayed for public viewing. The jewels (magatama, or necklace) and mirror (kagami) are said to belong to Amaterasu -- the mirror by tradition is said to reflect her image. It is the mirror in which she sees her reflection after coming out from hiding in her cave.

The sacred sword is reportedly that used by Susanoo (brother of Amaterasu) to defeat the dragon. Susanoo, according to Shinto mythology, tricks the eight-headed eight-tailed serpent of the Hino River in Izumo into drinking sake. Susanoo then kills it as it lies in a stupor. In one of the serpent's tails, Susanoo finds a sword, which has since become one of Shinto's three imperial regalia (mirror, sword, curved jewel).


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Regalia - Mirror, Sword, Jewels
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