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 Against Infections and Viruses

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PostSubject: Against Infections and Viruses   Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:50 am

To help protect you against infections and virusues that might be spread particuarly this time of year hold some salt skyward saying

"Angelic beings, bless this salt, that it may protect me against ailments."

Visualize it glowing bright blue-white, then place it in a black silk pouch. Hold a peice of charchoal and say.

"Into this substance is illness absorbed"

Place it in another black silk pouch. Carry both with you always. When sneezed at or breathed upon, sutbly throw a little salt between you and the contageious party. Imagine any infection in your proxminity repelled by your colored salt aura and being drawn in and eartched by the charcoal.

Once a month bury or burn the old charcoal and replace with a fresh peice. This dual action should esnure against unnecessary illness.


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Against Infections and Viruses
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