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 Orange Blossoms of Love

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PostSubject: Orange Blossoms of Love   Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:02 am

This spell draws on the powerful scent of orange blossom, which in the East has long been connected with marriage. Although it may work slower than some other spells, it is still powerful and a pleasure to preform.

You will need: A photo of the couple you wish to be, or better yet, a sketch (it does not have to be perfecetly drawn, intent is what counts) a ring to lay upon the picture, a small peice of cord, a white candle anoited with neroli oil, orange blossom petals, orange blossom oil (neroli)

Best to begin at the start of the full moon.

On a windowsill or a small table, lay the picture and the ring and place the candle behind them. Every day for seven days, shower the picture with petals and a verbal message of love (use your own words). Dab on the oil and wear it each time you see your love and for the seven days of the petal shower.

At the end of the week roll the picture into a srcoll tie it with a cord and light the candle. Put on the ring and wear it now untill the magick is completed. You must keep the candle lit on your "love altar" for as long as it takes to get the offer you await.


There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
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Orange Blossoms of Love
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