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 Dream Pillow

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PostSubject: Dream Pillow   Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:23 pm

A dream pillow is a special pillow you can make to take to bed with you, you can either use it as your acutaly pillow that you lay your head on, depedning upon how big you make it, or you can make a small one to just tuck under your acutal sleeping pillow.

A dream pillow can be made for a varity of different reasons, and it is meant to be filled with herbs, gems, charms, scents, and such things that represent what you seek.

For example there are dream pillows you can make to help bring you inspiration in your dreams, or to help enhance the pyschic power of your dreams, dream pillows that help you have more of a relaxed sleep, and help keep nighmares at bay, and so on. And you put into your pillow depends upon what your goal is.

To make a pillow you can take an empty pillow case, of whichever colors correspond to your desired goal, or just draw you in, and stuff inside of it those things that will help you aquire your goal then sew it closed.

Here is one example of a dream pillow against nighmares:

This is a charm you can keep with you when you sleep to help keep away nightmares. To make your own dream pillow stuff a 5x7 pillow case with mugwort, hops, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and frankincsne. Then add three small polished moonstones and a piece of aventurine. Sew the pillow case tightly to the herbs do not fall out at night.


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Dream Pillow
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