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 Healing Circles

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PostSubject: Healing Circles   Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:17 am

A healing circle is a group of like-minded people who pray together to give or receive healing or energy work - at a specific time each day. This is a form of 'distance healing' as the people/person praying - is not with the person seeking the healing. This type of healing does work. As with all healing - the person receiving the healing has to be ready and willing to accept the healing on all levels of their subtle bodies.

There are thousands of people who are part healing circles for planetary healing. They work through harmonics - tones sent into the grids (crystal bowls, drumming, etc.) at specific power grid points. Simple prayer by the healing circle each day will send a pulse of energy to the grids for healing and raising frequency to a higher pitch - vibration - tone - soul note.

Prayers can be guided for anything needed in the person's life. They may include:

psychospiritual and transformational topics
improved physical health, depression,
overcoming abuse
There is power in group energy. Thought is received by the grids with a more powerful pulse if send by a larger number of souls.

Many people start their own healing circles. Perhaps you would like to create a circle of your own.

Healers - such as those who working with Reiki energies - often create healing circles.


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Healing Circles
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