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 Found Penny Spell

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PostSubject: Found Penny Spell   Thu Aug 30, 2007 9:20 am

The following spell which takes years to complete affirms the flow of energy into your life by hailing ever found penny as a symbol of continued abundance.

Each time you find a penny pick it up and say "Thanks for good fortune!"

When you have 999 pennies, a special magick will be released to bolster your abundance. Add a penny to make 1,000 then take them to the bank to be convereted into a crisp $10 bill.

999 represents the multiplication of power, but 1,000 and 10 are aslo luck and they correspond to 1, which is the Sun's number

Ten minitues after the next New Moon, write the following words on the $10 bill: "I take in the infinite abundance of this universe"

You can then fram it or fold it and sew it between two squres of green felt to use as a charm


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Found Penny Spell
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